Tuesday, December 21, 2010

9 Months and 34 Hour Labor

Wow! Where do I begin? Well I am currently a few days over 37 weeks pregnant and have taken my final "monthly picture." I can't believe 9 months has come and gone so quickly. Daniel and I have had quite the adventure lately. I have been having early contractions since about week 32, I believe. As a result, my doctor reduced my shifts to 8 hour shifts instead of 12. I much appreciated that. So it comes as no surprise to me that I went to sleep on Friday night having contractions-- painful but not "oh my gosh" painful-- every 10 minutes. Because this was not the first time this has happened, I just went to sleep. I woke up a few times having contractions but was able to fall back asleep so I really wasn't all that excited. I woke up at around 5:45am and decided I should probably keep track of the frequency. I also noticed that I was having an incredible amount of pressure "down there." It literally felt like her head was coming out. I was contracting pretty much on the dot, every 10 minutes. After keeping track for a little over an hour, I figured I should try to get a little more sleep, as I really had only about 3 hours of sleep at this point. I woke up around 9:30am and continued to have contractions. At around noon I'd say, I decided that instead of keeping track of the timing, I'd try to distract myself and see if that would help. My dad and I went on a walk. Shortly after our walk began, the contractions seemed to be coming about three minutes apart and were much more painful, especially in my back. After we got home, I figured I better give the doctor a call. I called the on call doctor who said I should come in to the hospital to be evaluated. This is me, photographed by Dan, shortly after our arrival to the "prove it" room, as I lovingly call it.
After a couple cervical checks, a lot of activity, and very painful contractions every two minutes, the doctor determined I was in labor and I should be admitted. She thought that because I had dialated 2 cm and almost completely thinned out in such a short period of time, it would be unlikely that my labor would stop. The nerves really started to kick in, as I've always been a little nervous about delivering a baby. In fact, I found a poem I wrote in Junior High about my fear of giving birth. It made me laugh, because the end of it pretty much said I'd never have a baby! Anyway, I was taken to our room where I was poked like a pin cushion! Oh-My-Word! I cannot believe how painful those IV attempts were. When I found out they had to use an 18 gauge needle, I knew this would be painful. I know how big and how hard those 18 gauges can be to get and I was not excited. The first nurse who attempted was HORRIBLE! I literally was in a sweat and seeing stars by the end of her proding. She even let one needle hang from my arm as she attempted another vein, while the hematoma grew larger and larger in my arm. I was mortified. The IV nurse eventually got a site, which I was very unhappy that it was basically on my wrist. Dan wasn't happy with the first nurse. Here's my IV that Dan proudly took a picture of! Haha!I continued to contract and eventually was talked into taking some Fentanyl IV. Why was I resisting? That stuff was G-O-O-D! Exactly what I needed! By this time it was nearly 1am and the nurse wanted me to try to get some sleep, if possible, as she predicted I'd be in active labor by 5 or 6am. Well I did sleep... some... by 6am came and the contractions had slowed down to about every 10 minutes. They were becoming more mild and I no longer felt I needed fentanyl. At 9 am, the doctor came in and said he was going to send me home. He said that because I was still considered "pre-term" (I was 36 weeks and 6 days), they wouldn't keep my labor going by inducing... I was please with that. All I wanted to do was curl up in bed and SLEEP! And sleep I did! I slept all day Sunday and slept 10 hours that night. I couldn't even imagine how exhausted I'd been if I actually delivered our daughter that morning! The Lord was looking out for me! That was quite an experience for Daniel and I. We are both glad we were able to experience this prior to the real event because now we feel we have a little better idea of what to expect. We were able to talk about what went well and what didn't go well. I think we both feel we have a better plan in place now. And while I am anxious to meet our daughter, I am going to cherish these last few days, weeks, or however long it is until our bundle of joy arrives!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

8 Months & Baby Showers

We're rounding the bend; she's almost here! I can see the finsih line and the anticipation to cross is really setting in! Here we are: 8 months pregnant. I can't believe how fast it's gone by. I'm really starting to feel pregnant physically. I'm at a point where if I eat a large meal, I'll have horrific back pain until the food is out of my stomach. There's just not a lot of room for both food and baby. Once I eat a bigger meal, you'll find me adjusting my position very frequently to no avail! Nothing works. Sitting doesn't work. Standing doesn't work. Laying down definitely doesn't work. I've begun to learn that I just can't eat full meals anymore. Oh well!
I didn't get any pictures from the Longs baby shower, but this is a picture I took before. My sister-in-law Beth did a really cute memory game at the shower. With each match you made, you'd get a prize that correlated with the match. Example: The match was "Daniel and Monica's new family" and the prize was a three musketeer bar. Another example (I believe this is correct): the match was "conception" and the prize was a Skor bar. I thought it was cute, creative, and fun! My mom and I went home with something like four candy bars. It was very fun and a game I might have to use in the future!
My sister Stephanie threw me a phenomenal baby shower a couple weeks ago. She did such a good job with decorating and everything! Daniel made a cameo appearance. It was fun to open presents with him. But it was kind of funny because my friend Mary was talking to my mom through the gift opening and by the time the gifts were opened and we'd all chatted awhile, Daniel wisked the presents away to be organized. My mom laughed because she never got to see any of the presents. Daniel's response: you snooze, you lose! Not really, but he's got to have order in the home!

Very eager, and excited parents-to-be!
My cousins Amber and Michele and my Aunt Barbara got me the CUTEST outfit from Gymboree. I absolutely love Gymboree and had actually just purchased a dress and t-shirt from the same collection the outfit was from. They got me a cute little fur jacket (as seen below), a t-shirt, these little suede grey pants with matching hat, and the matching socks! Just adorable! Oh and on my lap you can see the first blanket my mom has EVER quilted! Yes, our daughter will get a quilted blanket from her grandma. I love that!
I think this bib is hilarious! I would Never buy it for myself (obviously), but it definitely provided a good laugh! I think it's adorable. Thanks Kehaulani.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

7 Months!

How the months fly by! In the beginning, it seemed the days dragged on, but towards the end, I can't keep up with the days! Here I am at essentially 7 1/2 months pregnant, or 30 weeks. I've noticed the biggest change this month. I feel like this is the month where you can definitely tell I'm pregnant. Last month I still was in the "she could be just fat" stage.
I'm 90% sure we have her name picked out. We think we will name her Maya Long. The middle name is still not decided upon. I kind of want to do a family name, but Daniel is stuck on the name Elizabeth but I say NO GO! He killed my dream of Olivia, so I guess it's payback... Not really. My pick for the middle name: Norene or Jenine, my grandmother and mothers name.

Maya Jenine Long or Maya Norene Long... Hmmmm
I really want to emphasize the way I'm really feeling here! :) Doctor Hoffman says I am carrying her inside me, which sounds like an oxymoron. He says women either have their uterus fall forward or hold it inside, which is what I'm doing. So moral of the story, my back is starting to ache. Mostly noted while working my 12 hour shifts. On my feet. Running around. Sometimes without breaks. No. Fun. But I like my job, and am grateful to have one!
Can't wait to meet you my little sweet, precious, angel, princess Maya Long!

Monday, October 11, 2010

6 months... 3 weeks ago!

I cannot believe that I am 27 weeks pregnant! This picture was taken over three weeks ago and in another week, I'll be taking my 7 months picture. Time sure does fly! It's insane to me that in three short months, our little baby girl will be an official member of our family. Pregnancy is going pretty well. A few weeks ago, I developed some horrific sciatic pain and have since been going to physical therapy. The last week I've been completely pain free and it's made all the difference! Pregnancy is so much better when it's not spent in a lot of pain. I can only pray that the pain free state continues! I have so much compassion for my brother in law Rich who has had horrible sciatica for two years and will soon be getting surgery. Sciatica is just an awful thing to suffer from and I'm so glad I only suffered for three weeks or so. Makes you grateful when the pain stops.

Still no name yet for our little one. We kind of agreed on Taylor Olivia Long, and I'm hoping that we'll just call her Olivia. I really love the name and I am hoping that if I keep calling her Olivia, Dan will get confused and think that's what her name already is and then there you have it, she'll be Olivia. Doesn't that sound so cute? Olivia Long. I like it. It has a nice ring. This is how I see it going:
Stephanie Olivia Long
Olivia Stephanie Long
Taylor Olivia Long
Either way, I want her to be Olivia!

Monday, September 6, 2010

22 Weeks

I haven't been the greatest with the blogging as of late. It's sad actually. I did take a four month picture, but never posted it. If my laptop ever starts working, I'll post that at some point. So as you can see, I'm 5 months pregnant. Technically, I'm 5 1/2 months today, but who's counting?

A few weeks ago, Daniel and I discovered we are having a GIRL! We were both under the impression we were having a boy, but neither one of us cared what we were having so long as it was healthy. When she said it's a girl, I was totally surprised. Now that I've had time to think about it, I'm SO happy it's a girl! Dan and I both talk about how when we see little baby girls our hearts melt. I am very happy to have a girl because we know she's going to be a little spitfire, just like her mom! She's a wiggle worm for sure! She's always moving and kicking. And I've discovered she's a fan of Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Anytime they're on, she starts with her exercises. I think it's adorable! Cannot wait to meet these little monkey!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

12 Weeks (3 Months) Prego

I'm 3 Months Pregnant!
I recently went to Dr. Hoffman for a check up and heard the baby's heart beat for the first time! For the last couple weeks I've been a little worried that I wasn't pregnant any longer because I really didn't feel "super" pregnant, whatever that means. So when I went, I was full of anticipation to hear the heart beat. When he placed the doppler on my stomach, he found the heart beat immediately. I was so happy. I can't really describe the feelings that went through me. I felt peace, happiness, and a calmness, as well as a total sense of amazement that I really am carrying a person inside of me. It's a feeling of amazement that cannot be described, and I don't think should be. It must be felt. If words could adequately describe that feeling, all women would get pregnant and their would be much less selfishness when it comes to whether or not to have children. I feel so blessed to be trusted with such a holy and important task as motherhood.
Baby Crib set Project

I'm trying to decide whether or not this fabric would work for either a girl or a boy. It definitely fits for a boy, but I'm up in the air as to whether or not it's girly enough. One thing I'm not up in the air about is that I LOVE THIS FABRIC! It's so my taste and style. I want it but am too afraid I won't like it if it's a girl. Any opinions? And your honest opinions are appreciated...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sisters Night Out

Escape From Reality: Sisters Retreat!

Because all eight of us were in the same city, we decided to make a night of it and stay at a hotel. We stayed at the Marriott. This picture is actually at the end of the night. We stayed up WAY too late playing games. We played BS, where Michele's infamous line is now often quoted when she announced rather matter of factly that she had two elevens! HAHA, clearly she didn't have any jacks!
We also went to dinner at Stanfords. We ate sooo good that night. We ordered a myriad of appetizers, including: macaroni and cheese, wood-fire grilled portabello mushrooms, and beer battered onion rings. Most of us had salads for our main course and me and Mindy shared an amazing berry cobbler! Such a good time!

All of us together. Wish we would've got a picture of all of us eight together!

And after four or five Diet Cherry Cokes (not spiked, I swear) our true colors came out. Lindsey, looking very beautiful tonight.

Mindy didn't know what to do with all the sugar and caffeine running through her veins when the camera clicked.

And Michele may or may not have thought that I was Rich while taking her picture!

Proof that they are cute little danty girls!

This was a night to remember! Yes, it may have took us twenty minutes to decided that the bar was NOT too loud for us Vrtiska girls but one thing we learned is that we have fun no matter where we dine! Love you sisters!

Two Months!


I know, I know, I'm not showing... but I promised I'd track the progress of the bump. So far I've gained 5 pounds, which I'm upset about because I wasn't even eating because of that darn nausea! My cure was "Mommy Bliss" which is a supplement that has ginger, B6, red raspberry leaf, or something like that in it. It has really helped with my nausea a lot. I can eat almost anything, though it never sounds appealing. Cravings as of late: cereal! Can't get enough of it! And I am NOT a cereal person, just ask my husband.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Catch-Up Blog

On April 7th, Daniel turned 30 years old! I threw him a birthday party with all of our family and some friends. We had a Bunco themed birthday party. Because half of the attendants where part of the Vrtiska clan, the party was L-O-U-D! It was soooo much fun. Everyone but Mike and Emily came from Daniel's side (Mike got sick) and everyone who lives in the area from my side came, including Stephanie and Daniel who drove up from Corvallis! Some of our friends came too. It was a lot of people and exactly what Dan wanted!
Unfortunately the game involved all of my attention and I wasn't able to take pictures until the end when everyone was leaving. I resolve to be better about taking pictures in the future! I didn't take pictures of the food or the socializing before the game, darn! I had two different chocolate fondues. For the dipping: pineapple, banana, strawberries, brownies, angel food cake, and pound cake. Yummy! I also had an antipasto platter. I thought it turned out delicious.

The biggest loser, Erica! Erica got out with $20 for losing the most! Craig won $50 for most buncos. It was a roll off between Craig, Harvey, and Alexis. Alexis was very unhappy about losing, as a true Timmerman always is! But her husband is a doctor (and I work with him! Weird working with family!) so I'm not feeling too sorry for her! Kayleen won $40 for most wins and Harvey won $10 for last Bunco which he stole from me in the last few seconds of the game!
Our friends Branden and Kehaulani, who got engaged a week ago! We're happy for them!

And our Paleo friends Kayleen and Bob! :) The big winners of the night! See Kayleen, this is one side shot with your mouth closed! :)

Michele and Dan, they're too cute.

I had so much fun that night and didn't feel stressed at all. Sometimes it's hard to through such a large party, but it ended up being just fine. The most important thing is Daniel had a blast, and that's all that matters to me!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bundle of Joy

It's official: I'm pregnant!

Due date: January 10, 2011
Weeks along: Six weeks, three days.
Dan and I found out we are to be parents in a few short months on May 4th. I was only 4 weeks pregnant at the time and I knew from, literally, the very beginning that I was pregnant. We decided we were going to keep a secret until our ENTIRE families were together on June 5th, buuuuut, cats out the bag, word leaked. We know it wasn't Daniel who leaked it, but I seriously didn't think so many people would find out! Oh well. We're excited anyway. It's fun to share it with so many people and we'll have to make the discovery of the sex of the baby a fun way of sharing since our original plans were busted. I know I'm only six, almost seven weeks along, but I'm going to take monthly pictures of the 'baby bump' along the way. I'm not showing now so don't make any comments about me showing! I've seen some real creative, artistic ways to photograph babies progress, but that's not me, so you get a picture of me before a Saturday afternoon run with no make-up! Hey, it's me!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rare Insomnia Blogging

For a friends birthday, we went ice skating for the first time. Daniel has his own skates so I was expecting a ton. I did alright. Later that night as we lay in bed Dan told me he was surprised at how well I did. I asked what he meant. He said that I've always surprised him at my ability to do things well like snowboarding and now ice skating. Who does this guy think I am? Some kind of pansy? I can admit it, I am pretty high mantenience at times (and no I'll never admit that to Dan!)

Posing on the ice. Man, can't we get one candid picture! They're all posed and I'm not a huge fan of posed photos! But it's pretty cute. I love us!
Sundays after church are a ravenous time in our house. We both are so hungry and are just dying to eat. This Sunday my sweet, thoughtful husband decided to make his "special" soup and sandwiches. Now I use special here loosely. Whenever I work and ask him to make dinner, I arrive home to soup and sandwiches, to wich I am very grateful. When he wants to, he can create so great dishes!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Our Wild New Years Eve!

I had to work New Years Day, unfortunately, so I wasn't able to stay out late. I did however, go home at 10PM, where I layed in bed until about 3am. That was a rough day at work. Anyway, Daniel and I went to my parents house for New Years Eve. My sister threw a get together there. We had appetizers, played games, and played band hero. Daniel and I never played before, and we really liked it. I only liked singing and the drums. I am definitely no good at the guitar. It was fun to be with my family and my husband on New Years Eve.

We really love to get pictures together.
My oldest niece Ashley really tears it up on the guitar. She does expert and nails almost every note. I can't even see the colors as quickly as they come, yet she gets them. It's amazing.

Daniel plays the drums in real life. He says this whole band hero is nothing like the real deal. Nonetheless, I feel kind of cool being able to play for fake.

My sisters Michele and Stephanie.

I was pretending to be the little drummer boy. It was so funny to watch me and my sisters play the drums. We were all holding the sticks with a vice grip and were so choppy in our movements. SO FUNNY!

And then there's Nana. Oh Nana. She's so funny. From the very beginning she's liked Daniel. It was so funny to watch her do the air drums. Later she kept taping Dan on the back to ever other beat. She really got into it and it was good to see her enjoying herself.
All and all it was a great New Years Eve. I love my family and my husband. I feel so blessed in my life. I'm so excited to see how 2010 will play out.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2010 Top 10

I welcome this New Year! Good bye 2009, I'm sorry things didn't work out between us. Yes, you gave me my eternal companion, but I don't think I'll miss you too much. But Hello 2010, I'm eager to get to know you and all the surprises you'll bring our way. But let me tell you what is planned for us in 2010:

1. Discovering where Dan will be accepted to nursing school and deciding which state we'll live in and what job I'll be taking to reduce my income substantially. (Gotta love Oregon, and being well compensated!)

2. Possibly going on a "real honeymoon" for our first anniversary to somplace tropical. Maybe Mexico. Maybe Hawaii. Maybe Costa Rica. And if worse comes to worst, maybe San Diego.

3. Making our marriage official in Heaven! :)

4. Discovering the endless possibilities of the summer. Hopefully visiting here again with the Deweys. Maybe backpacking for our first time together. Definitely hitting up Vernonia again with the fam. Maybe trying this with Dan for my first time. But whatever the summer brings, I know it will bring plenty of this!

5. The Vrtiska Family Reunion 2010 in the wonderful Wyoming!

6. Possibly working on getting ourselves one of these! And praying that it won't turn into this.

7. Passing the CCRN exam, making me a certified critical care nurse. Increased wages. Notoriety. Professional growth. What else could you ask for?

8. Getting out of debt! Except those pesky student loans that feel like an unwelcome house guest!

9. Maybe going back to school. Then I'll be making big girl bucks!

10. Trying new things. Learning new things. Perfecting old talents. General self improvement.

As often goes, plans don't always work out. But 2010, you see what we desire, and please make our dreams come true!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Day

MeRrY ChRiStMaS!
what a wonderful Christmas we had?! Dan worked until 2:30, so we opened presents when he got home from work. Then we headed over to his sisters house for dinner and festivities. We left a little earlier than the rest to go to a movie, a favorite tradition of mine. We saw Avatar, which I have to admit was really quite good. It was a great Christmas indeed!

The blanket is a accessory of mine around the house. Our downstairs stays awfully cold for some crazy reason! Must be all the windows!
I've really needed some jackets for a while and my cute husband picked out this for me. He loves to surf so it's no wonder he would get me a surfing brand sweatshirt.
Finally! Now I don't have to wear Dan's hand-me-down goggles snowboarding anymore!

I'd been fussing about getting Elf all season long and little did I know, Dan had bought it before I started talking about it. "Buddy the elf, what's your favorite color?"
Another jacket Dan picked out for me. I love it and have worn it a lot since Christmas. It's super comfy and warm. Good job Dan!

Dan needed some tools, a tape measurer for sure! We totally needed this one!

And now he can be tough with his 18v drill! I'm really happy about this one!

For all those who know my husband, know he's kind of obsessed with working out. I mean six days a week this kid is in the gym! Ugh! Anyway, he drinks this stuff like water...

Now this was my favorite gift to give him. I gave him Angel last year and he loved it. When he ran out he got this other stuff that seriously smelled so bad. I really didn't like it so when Christmas came around, it was a no brainer to get this for him! Mmmmm, he smells so good now!
And with all his exercising, he was in dire need of some new shorts. He looks very good in them! Cute husband!