Monday, May 24, 2010

Catch-Up Blog

On April 7th, Daniel turned 30 years old! I threw him a birthday party with all of our family and some friends. We had a Bunco themed birthday party. Because half of the attendants where part of the Vrtiska clan, the party was L-O-U-D! It was soooo much fun. Everyone but Mike and Emily came from Daniel's side (Mike got sick) and everyone who lives in the area from my side came, including Stephanie and Daniel who drove up from Corvallis! Some of our friends came too. It was a lot of people and exactly what Dan wanted!
Unfortunately the game involved all of my attention and I wasn't able to take pictures until the end when everyone was leaving. I resolve to be better about taking pictures in the future! I didn't take pictures of the food or the socializing before the game, darn! I had two different chocolate fondues. For the dipping: pineapple, banana, strawberries, brownies, angel food cake, and pound cake. Yummy! I also had an antipasto platter. I thought it turned out delicious.

The biggest loser, Erica! Erica got out with $20 for losing the most! Craig won $50 for most buncos. It was a roll off between Craig, Harvey, and Alexis. Alexis was very unhappy about losing, as a true Timmerman always is! But her husband is a doctor (and I work with him! Weird working with family!) so I'm not feeling too sorry for her! Kayleen won $40 for most wins and Harvey won $10 for last Bunco which he stole from me in the last few seconds of the game!
Our friends Branden and Kehaulani, who got engaged a week ago! We're happy for them!

And our Paleo friends Kayleen and Bob! :) The big winners of the night! See Kayleen, this is one side shot with your mouth closed! :)

Michele and Dan, they're too cute.

I had so much fun that night and didn't feel stressed at all. Sometimes it's hard to through such a large party, but it ended up being just fine. The most important thing is Daniel had a blast, and that's all that matters to me!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bundle of Joy

It's official: I'm pregnant!

Due date: January 10, 2011
Weeks along: Six weeks, three days.
Dan and I found out we are to be parents in a few short months on May 4th. I was only 4 weeks pregnant at the time and I knew from, literally, the very beginning that I was pregnant. We decided we were going to keep a secret until our ENTIRE families were together on June 5th, buuuuut, cats out the bag, word leaked. We know it wasn't Daniel who leaked it, but I seriously didn't think so many people would find out! Oh well. We're excited anyway. It's fun to share it with so many people and we'll have to make the discovery of the sex of the baby a fun way of sharing since our original plans were busted. I know I'm only six, almost seven weeks along, but I'm going to take monthly pictures of the 'baby bump' along the way. I'm not showing now so don't make any comments about me showing! I've seen some real creative, artistic ways to photograph babies progress, but that's not me, so you get a picture of me before a Saturday afternoon run with no make-up! Hey, it's me!