Friday, September 25, 2009

Crater Lake Adventures!

My sister and her family go to Crater Lake every year and Daniel and I decided to join them this year. ( I really don't know why my font is underlined, but I seem not to be able to change this... oh well). We had such a blast. We loved the weather, the lake, the fishing, the cliff jumping, the campsite, the food, the fear of bear attacks, and the company! We had so much fun, Dan cannot wait to go back!

We hiked about a quarter mile along these rocks to a prime fishing spot. We spent the entire day fishing, catching crawdads, swimming, and... hanging out. It was such a blast.

My super hot husband fishing!

If you look carefully Dan is to the right of the tree. He scaled down that face where the tree is and back up to the edge of the cliff. He didn't end up jumping off he cliff because he couldn't gauge how deep the water was. I've heard at least twice as I'm dozing off to sleep him say, "Man, I should've just jumped." He's so funny... and it's kind of adorable.

Best campsite!

The still blue water. You can see the rocks through the water. That's how clear the water is. Crystal clear!

My adorable and very sweet sister Stephanie!


Phantom ship lookout. The hike we took alone. There were literally no other hikers, which was scary because it was kind of an open area and I was so afraid I was going to see a bear! We even started to talk about what we'd do if we saw a bear.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

On our way to our honeymoon...

So, my husband cracks me up. He is so funny. I cannot remember what he was doing but he was trying to commentate something. Too bad I'm a dork, but he's legitimately funny.

This second video is on our honeymoon. We went to the High Desert Museum and while we were there, this weasel or feret or whatever it was, was trying to attack us through the glass. It was really funny, but sad at the same time.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Life is Peachy

Stephanie, Isaiah and I went to Jossy Farms to pick peaches last week. It was the perfect day to pick peaches and they were perfectly ripe. It was my first time picking peaches and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
Isaiah and I flashing some signs before our picking adventures began.

Action shot. (No, it was not posed... [Ok, maybe it was]).

The kid is stinkin' adorable and really loved his peaches. But he started to get preoccupied with the dozens of bees and abandoned his dutiful role as peach picker.

My cute sister with her peaches. Isn't she a little twit!? (I mean that in the sweetest way)

I ended up picking 51 pounds of peaches and was able to can 31 quarts of peaches, two peach cobblers, and two freezer bags of sliced peaches for yummy peach jam!!!

When it comes to my peaches, I get serious!

The joys of our labors!

Some shots from around the farm. It really was a beautiful place!