Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rare Insomnia Blogging

For a friends birthday, we went ice skating for the first time. Daniel has his own skates so I was expecting a ton. I did alright. Later that night as we lay in bed Dan told me he was surprised at how well I did. I asked what he meant. He said that I've always surprised him at my ability to do things well like snowboarding and now ice skating. Who does this guy think I am? Some kind of pansy? I can admit it, I am pretty high mantenience at times (and no I'll never admit that to Dan!)

Posing on the ice. Man, can't we get one candid picture! They're all posed and I'm not a huge fan of posed photos! But it's pretty cute. I love us!
Sundays after church are a ravenous time in our house. We both are so hungry and are just dying to eat. This Sunday my sweet, thoughtful husband decided to make his "special" soup and sandwiches. Now I use special here loosely. Whenever I work and ask him to make dinner, I arrive home to soup and sandwiches, to wich I am very grateful. When he wants to, he can create so great dishes!