Monday, June 14, 2010

Sisters Night Out

Escape From Reality: Sisters Retreat!

Because all eight of us were in the same city, we decided to make a night of it and stay at a hotel. We stayed at the Marriott. This picture is actually at the end of the night. We stayed up WAY too late playing games. We played BS, where Michele's infamous line is now often quoted when she announced rather matter of factly that she had two elevens! HAHA, clearly she didn't have any jacks!
We also went to dinner at Stanfords. We ate sooo good that night. We ordered a myriad of appetizers, including: macaroni and cheese, wood-fire grilled portabello mushrooms, and beer battered onion rings. Most of us had salads for our main course and me and Mindy shared an amazing berry cobbler! Such a good time!

All of us together. Wish we would've got a picture of all of us eight together!

And after four or five Diet Cherry Cokes (not spiked, I swear) our true colors came out. Lindsey, looking very beautiful tonight.

Mindy didn't know what to do with all the sugar and caffeine running through her veins when the camera clicked.

And Michele may or may not have thought that I was Rich while taking her picture!

Proof that they are cute little danty girls!

This was a night to remember! Yes, it may have took us twenty minutes to decided that the bar was NOT too loud for us Vrtiska girls but one thing we learned is that we have fun no matter where we dine! Love you sisters!

Two Months!


I know, I know, I'm not showing... but I promised I'd track the progress of the bump. So far I've gained 5 pounds, which I'm upset about because I wasn't even eating because of that darn nausea! My cure was "Mommy Bliss" which is a supplement that has ginger, B6, red raspberry leaf, or something like that in it. It has really helped with my nausea a lot. I can eat almost anything, though it never sounds appealing. Cravings as of late: cereal! Can't get enough of it! And I am NOT a cereal person, just ask my husband.