Saturday, October 30, 2010

7 Months!

How the months fly by! In the beginning, it seemed the days dragged on, but towards the end, I can't keep up with the days! Here I am at essentially 7 1/2 months pregnant, or 30 weeks. I've noticed the biggest change this month. I feel like this is the month where you can definitely tell I'm pregnant. Last month I still was in the "she could be just fat" stage.
I'm 90% sure we have her name picked out. We think we will name her Maya Long. The middle name is still not decided upon. I kind of want to do a family name, but Daniel is stuck on the name Elizabeth but I say NO GO! He killed my dream of Olivia, so I guess it's payback... Not really. My pick for the middle name: Norene or Jenine, my grandmother and mothers name.

Maya Jenine Long or Maya Norene Long... Hmmmm
I really want to emphasize the way I'm really feeling here! :) Doctor Hoffman says I am carrying her inside me, which sounds like an oxymoron. He says women either have their uterus fall forward or hold it inside, which is what I'm doing. So moral of the story, my back is starting to ache. Mostly noted while working my 12 hour shifts. On my feet. Running around. Sometimes without breaks. No. Fun. But I like my job, and am grateful to have one!
Can't wait to meet you my little sweet, precious, angel, princess Maya Long!

Monday, October 11, 2010

6 months... 3 weeks ago!

I cannot believe that I am 27 weeks pregnant! This picture was taken over three weeks ago and in another week, I'll be taking my 7 months picture. Time sure does fly! It's insane to me that in three short months, our little baby girl will be an official member of our family. Pregnancy is going pretty well. A few weeks ago, I developed some horrific sciatic pain and have since been going to physical therapy. The last week I've been completely pain free and it's made all the difference! Pregnancy is so much better when it's not spent in a lot of pain. I can only pray that the pain free state continues! I have so much compassion for my brother in law Rich who has had horrible sciatica for two years and will soon be getting surgery. Sciatica is just an awful thing to suffer from and I'm so glad I only suffered for three weeks or so. Makes you grateful when the pain stops.

Still no name yet for our little one. We kind of agreed on Taylor Olivia Long, and I'm hoping that we'll just call her Olivia. I really love the name and I am hoping that if I keep calling her Olivia, Dan will get confused and think that's what her name already is and then there you have it, she'll be Olivia. Doesn't that sound so cute? Olivia Long. I like it. It has a nice ring. This is how I see it going:
Stephanie Olivia Long
Olivia Stephanie Long
Taylor Olivia Long
Either way, I want her to be Olivia!